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Why Upgrade Your Gas Meter?

It’s often necessary to upgrade your gas meter to ensure safety, accuracy, and reliability. Outdated gas meters may become inadequate as appliance numbers grow or usage increases, leading to possible pressure problems and billing inaccuracies.

Epping Plumbing highlights that under gas distributor programmes, old metres are due for replacement free of charge to maintain performance standards. Installing a new gas meter enhances gas flow and leverages contemporary technology for more accurate gas consumption tracking.

Meter upgrades keep pace with modern energy demands, ensuring your supply matches new appliances or renovations. Upgrading proactively future-proofs homes for additions down the track.

Old meters can deteriorate, leading to leaks or corrosion. Replacing aged components reduces this safety hazard. The latest metres also have in-built safety features to automatically cut gas flow in an emergency.

Upgrading as needed offers homeowners optimised gas usage, precise billing, improved appliance safety, and confidence in their metering infrastructure.

When Is a Gas Meter Upgrade Necessary?

Epping Plumbing advises that common triggers making a gas metre upgrade necessary include:

  • Installing multiple new gas appliances like cooktops or pool heaters which require increased gas flow.
  • Home additions and renovations necessitating increased gas supply to meet home energy needs.
  • Ageing metres over 15 years old that no longer meet compliance standards.
  • Metres displaying corrosion, leaks, damage or accuracy issues.
  • Upgrading from 1.25 kPa distribution pressure to 2.75 kPa supply.
  • Development applications mandating a metre upgrade.
  • Increased pressure loss to appliances indicating undersized pipes or metrics.
  • Improvement notices issued by your gas distributor if the metre breaches regulations.

Our technicians are adept at identifying not just clear issues like damage, but also subtle signs of pressure loss. Our qualified technicians thoroughly inspect your gas system to ensure it meets your home’s performance needs during upgrades or new installations.

The Process of Upgrading Your Gas Meter

Epping Plumbing efficiently coordinates your gas meter upgrade to minimise household disruption.

As qualified gas fitters, our first step is an on-site evaluation of your gas infrastructure and appliances. We assess your current and forecasted usage to recommend a suitable new meter and potential pipe modifications.

We manage all paperwork and process your application with the gas distribution company for you. Importantly, we coordinate timing that suits you best.

On the day of installation, the gas supply is discontinued at the street for the old meter’s removal. The new metre is quickly fitted to restore supply within 3 hours. You may need to relight your gas appliances if pilot lights have gone out.

For safety, Epping Plumbing remains on-site to check all appliances, confirm the new metre reading and assist with any issues. We clarify how to interpret your new meter readings.

With over 10 years of experience, we handle all facets of upgrades to ensure optimum gas supply and safety. Please contact our team on 1300 349 338 for friendly, expert assistance upgrading your gas infrastructure.

Applying for a Gas Meter Upgrade

Epping Plumbing begins your gas meter upgrade application with an on-site assessment of your gas setup. We determine your household’s current and future gas usage needs and advise on the most appropriate new metre size.

Our technicians manage the application and approval process with your gas distribution company on your behalf. We handle completing all required paperwork and technical specifications to ensure a smooth application.

Importantly, Epping Plumbing coordinates timing that causes minimal impact to your gas supply. We also confirm if any ancillary work like gas pipe upgrades needs to be scheduled. If you have life support equipment that depends on gas, we take extra precautions.

Once the application is approved, a date to have your meter changed will be set. Supply is then restored within 3 hours once the new metre is fitted and calibrated.

Preparing for the Gas Meter Installation

Professional coordination ensures a smooth gas meter upgrade process. Preparing your property facilitiates a safe, efficient gas meter installation with minimal inconvenience.

Use this checklist to get ready for the installation:

  • Clear a one-metre zone for access to the gas meter installation site. Remove debris, foliage or structures blocking safe technician access.
  • Check that gate, door and access codes are provided to the technician if required.
  • Secure pets away from the work area for their safety.
  • Make sure appliances are not in use while supply is interrupted to allow for re-lighting of pilots.
  • Advise Epping Plumbing in advance if you rely on any life support equipment requiring uninterrupted gas supply.
  • Have your new metre model information on hand for quick reference.
  • Keep your hot water system turned off until your gas supply is restored.

Following these tips will allow our technician to complete the upgrade with maximum efficiency.

What to Expect During the Installation

The gas metre installation process is straightforward for homeowners. Our technician will arrive at the scheduled time to exchange your old gas metre unit. They first shut off supply at the street, make the swap, then restore flow within 2-3 hours.

During the installation, gas appliances will be inactive. Pilot lights may need re-lighting once supply resumes. For safety, our technician remains to confirm all appliances are fully operational after the upgrade.

With clear access to your meter, expect no additional household disruptions.

If life support equipment depends on gas, make Epping Plumbing aware in advance and we can explore backup supply options if the standard installation timeframe is not suitable.

Most customers find their upgraded gas metre installation complete by lunchtime. With proper coordination from our team, we ensure this essential upgrade is fast, problem-free and tailored to your supply needs.

Safety and Compliance Standards

Epping Plumbing ensures all gas meter installations comply with mandated safety regulations, preserving your gas infrastructure integrity.

Our licensed technicians follow AS/NZS 5601 and pertinent regional codes. We methodically risk assess then mitigate hazards associated with the physical works, gas shut offs and reconnection of appliances.

From site preparation to completion, customers play an equally vital role upholding safety. This includes clearing metre access, securing pets, and checking any life support gas connections are maintained.

We also ensure you understand how to monitor and maintain your new metre and pipes according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

By working cooperatively with customers under strict safety protocols, we guarantee AS/NSZ 5601 compliant upgrades minimising all risks. Please contact our team on 1300 349 338 with any compliance or installation questions.

Time Frames and Scheduling

Epping Plumbing understands upgrading your essential gas infrastructure must align with your schedule. We pride ourselves on clear communication and meticulous coordination at every phase.

Our initial on-site evaluation is a swift 30-minute process once commissioned. We promptly submit your upgrade application to hasten approval. Timeframes vary depending on your distributor’s workloads, however we expedite wherever possible.

We arrange installation dates around your availability once approval is granted. We recommend scheduling your upgrade well ahead of the winter peak to avoid delays.

The actual metre swap takes 2-3 hours from site setup to full supply restoration. Where feasible, we arrange upgrades on weekdays to avoid weekend surcharges.

If ancillary tasks like pipework upgrades or rectification work arise, this may require an additional visit. However, we endeavour to avoid multiple visits to minimise interruptions.

While timeframes largely depend on third-parties, Epping Plumbing’s focus is keeping you on track and gas connected. Contact our team on 1300 349 338 to discuss optimising your upgrade schedule.

Costs and Billing

Upgrading your gas metre incurs minimal direct expenses for most homeowners. Application fees and the metre unit itself are provided free as part of regular distribution company safety programmes targeting old metres.

Epping Plumbing charges a competitive call-out and installation fee for gas meters starting from $225. This covers our on-site evaluation, application lodgement, coordination with authorities and full project management through to the metre installation and testing.

Additional labour and parts may be quoted if ancillary work such as gas pipe upgrades or modifications to meet current standards is needed. We provide detailed scopes of work to avoid surprise charges.

Following installation, customers may notice slightly increased charges on subsequent bills as new metres typically record gas usage more precisely. This ensures you’re only billed for the gas you actually use.

Contact our friendly team on 1300 349 338.

After the Installation: Final Checks

After installing your new gas meter, Epping Plumbing performs final checks for optimum operation of your upgraded gas infrastructure.

We complete the following tasks:

  • Test all gas appliances to confirm pilot lights are ignited and burners are functioning correctly after supply disruption.
  • Provide tips on relighting any pilots that have extinguished using the manufacturerâ€TMs instructions.
  • Verify metre readings align accurately with your appliances reconnected.
  • Ensure adequate gas pressure and flow is restored to all outlets.
  • Discuss how to read your new digital or smart gas metre if required.
  • Confirm safety standards are upheld throughout the installation site.
  • Address any other questions about your upgraded gas infrastructure.

By completing these checks, Epping Plumbing ensures your household gas supply has been fully restored and all components are compliant and operating safely post-install.

If you require any assistance relighting appliances, notice irregular readings or pressure issues after our team has left, please call immediately on 1300 349 338. We consider our job complete only when you’re fully satisfied with your new gas meter.

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