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Understanding Dripping Taps: What Causes Them and Why You Should Care

Even a small, consistent drip from a tap can cause substantial water wastage over time. A single dripping tap can significantly increase your water bill by wasting over 11,000 litres per year and also depleting your hot water system’s reserve.

Ignoring a dripping tap can worsen underlying issues, leading to persistent leaking. Common causes include:

  • Deteriorated washer jumper valve components, O-rings, or defective washers
  • Damaged ceramic disc cartridges
  • Corroded or compromised valve seat components
  • Excessively high water pressure

Over time, a consistent drip can lead to water damage and erosion around tap foundations and connections. Mineral deposits can gather around taps and pipes, possibly fostering bacterial proliferation, potentially compromising the quality of the water supply your home depends on.

We employ sophisticated techniques and specialised knowledge in leaking tap repairs. Our professional plumbers can meticulously assess and fix your plumbing issues at your property, whether it entails tap repair or a full replacement. Our comprehensive leaking tap repair services include preventative maintenance to address the causes of dripping taps.

Avoid the frustration and costs of a dripping tap; contact us for quality plumbing services. call us on 1300 349 338 to schedule an appointment with Epping Plumbing. Our expert team ensures that in some cases, we’ll promptly have your tap fixed expertly, catering to the North Shore and neighbouring locales.

Assessing Leak Severity: Minor Drip vs Major Leak

When dealing with a leaking tap, it’s important to assess the severity of the leak to determine the appropriate response. ""How do I tackle this plumbing issue?" you might question yourself, determining if you have a minor drip or a serious leak:

Minor Drip

A minor tap drip, while seemingly harmless, can worsen over time. Signs of a small leak include:

  • Occasional dripping, like a drop every few seconds
  • Dampness around the tap but no visible water damage
  • Dripping stops when the tap is correctly turned off

Even a small leak signals a problem requiring repair, especially if the drip persists after the tap is turned off. If left too long, it may evolve into a more significant problem leading to water wastage, damage and higher bills, requiring intervention to fix the dripping tap.

Major Leak

A major water leak is a more serious issue requiring immediate attention. Typical signs are:

  • Steady stream of water or very frequent dripping
  • Visible water damage/corrosion around pipes and tap body
  • Dripping continuing even when the tap is steadfastly shut off can cause undue stress
  • Noticeably high water bills

Major leaks demand immediate action as they won’t resolve without intervention. The incessant moisture can cause water damage that significantly affects your sink basins, cupboards, or walls if neglected over time. Such consistent flow suggests advanced joint wear or potential situations that can become complete component failures.

Our Sydney plumbers adeptly handle all tap issues and accurately assess necessary repairs. For quick and cost-effective tap repairs across Sydney, call Epping Plumbing on 1300 349 338.

Signs You Need a Professional Plumber

As your leaky tap persists over time, it’s crucial to recognise when the issue has progressed beyond a DIY fix and requires professional assistance. There are distinct indicators, like water hammer noises, that point to a plumbing emergency when your leaking tap worsens:

  • The leakage has caused noticeable water damage around the cause tap, potentially escalating into more complex plumbing problems affecting your property’s tap, sink, counters or flooring
  • There is corrosion buildup on your pipes
  • The drip leaks water even when the tap is turned completely off
  • You’ve attempted repairs but the issue persists as minor problems can evolve into larger ones
  • There is a sudden increase in your water usage/bills

If you’re dealing with a burst pipe, bypass temporary solutions and opt for professional repair. Let the skilled team from our reputable plumbing company carry out the essential repairs on dripping taps with thorough diagnoses to avert worsening issues.

Our expertise extends to resolving persistent dripping taps and a host of other plumbing challenges like leaks, burst pipes and drainage blockages. Contact our amiable team at any time of day at 1300 349 338 to learn about our affordable plumbing services in Epping and surrounding suburbs.

We offer emergency plumbing services, available at all hours to promptly address your plumbing emergencies.

DIY Temporary Fixes for Dripping Taps

While professional intervention offers long-term solutions, you may temporarily attempt the following measures to stop a dripping tap:

  • Tighten the tap’s packing nut underneath the handle. Give it a slight twist with an adjustable wrench.
  • Replace old tap washers with new tap washer units from your local hardware store to ensure your taps maintain proper functionality. This might provide a short-term seal.
  • If you have ceramic disc cartridge taps, try taking out and reinserting the cartridge after cleaning any debris off it.
  • Wrap plumber’s tape around threaded connections to better seal the joints.

It’s important to recognise that these quick fixes may not address the core issue. A persistent drip likely indicates worn washers, faulty parts or excessive water pressure, which are plumbing issues that can require professional attention to repair a leaking tap. Don’t delay in such scenarios - call a plumber from our team at Epping Plumbing on 1300 349 338 if any attempted DIY solution fails to properly stop your tap from leaking.

Preventative Maintenance Tips to Avoid Future Leaks

Prevention is the best medicine when it comes to avoiding problematic leaking taps. Regular maintenance of your taps and plumbing can help prevent leaks from developing. Here’s what you need to include as part of handy preventative maintenance tips:

  • Clean tap aerators every few months to remove mineral deposits and sediment buildup. Use a wire brush or soak the aerator in vinegar.
  • Examine small rubber washers and o ring components for apparent degradation or fraying every half-year to yearly. Replace them proactively if they appear faulty.
  • Check water pressure annually and install a pressure-reducing valve if it exceeds 500 kPa to curb rapid tap wear.
  • Lubricate ceramic disc cartridges with approved grease to keep components moving smoothly.
  • Verify pipes are securely connected without leaks or corrosion.
  • Deep clean taps to prevent contaminant accumulation and improve function.

These simple maintenance practices can extend your taps’ lifespan and prevent unexpected leaks. Reach out to our local Sydney plumbers at Epping Plumbing on 1300 349 338 if you notice any plumbing issues requiring prompt attention.

The True Cost of Ignoring a Leaky Tap

It’s easy to dismiss a minor dripping tap as harmless, but even leaks that seem insignificant can lead to substantial expenses over time if neglected. That persistent drip is often a precursor to more severe issues.

Water efficiency experts estimate that an average dripping tap may waste over 500 litres of water weekly, equating to more than 25,000 litres annually, making a substantial impact on your water bill.

With the average Sydney water bill around $1000 per year, a leaking tap can be responsible for 2-3% of your annual water expenses. Over a 10 year period, that minor drip could cost you $2000+ extra in water usage and bills.

Beyond the immediate financial impact, overlooking your leak can result in secondary harm such as corrosion, mould proliferation, and the impairment of sink basins or adjoining fixtures. If neglected long enough, persistent water exposure can lead to structural issues.

Refrain from adopting a wait-and-see stance with dripping taps; give us the opportunity to assess and mend.

Call the licenced plumbers at Epping Plumbing on 1300 349 338 to arrange an inspection for all your plumbing needs. We offer transparent quotes with no call out fees or hidden costs. Trust us to get the job done right with any tap leak to avoid escalating costs.

When to Call Epping Plumbing Services

A persistent dripping tap can be frustrating, inconvenient, and costly if not promptly resolved. As your local plumbing professionals, Epping Plumbing is ready to assist; just call us to discuss when professional help is needed.

In general, you should contact us immediately if you experience any of the following with your tap:

  • Visible water damage around the taps, sink, counter tops or flooring
  • Corrosion buildup on pipes connected to the leaking tap
  • Dripping that persists relentlessly even after you’ve shut off water supply entirely at the faucet
  • A sudden spike in your water usage or bills
  • Any attempted DIY repairs have failed to fix the leak

If your dripping tap exhibits any other concerning symptoms such as sediment deposits, reduced water flow, odd noises, or intensifying drips, don’t hesitate to call our team for an assessment. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to persistent water leaks.

As leading plumbers servicing Epping and surrounding suburbs, we have the expertise to precisely identify what’s causing your tap to leak and the skills to resolve dripping taps of all kinds.

Our licensed technicians are equipped to handle washer jumper replacements, valve and cartridge maintenance, or full tap replacements to restore your tap to optimal condition.

We offer transparent pricing and quick scheduling for dripping tap repairs throughout the week, demonstrating our plumbing expertise.Contact Epping Plumbing at 1300 349 338 anytime or email jobs@eppingplumbingservices.com.au to book your appointment.

Don’t tolerate the inconvenience and expenses of a persistently dripping tap for a moment longer - trust our experts to fix leaking tap quickly while preventing further issues.

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